I know you may not think about exercising at your office, in your little cubicle when you are at work, but there are small things you can do to help change the trajectory of your day – primarily how you feel physically and mentally. Here are some simple ways to include some exercises into your day.

Be intentional about standing

I used to work in a corporate office so I know what sitting all day in that chair can do to my peers working at a desk. It can be ergonomic, you say. Yes, but it really does not EXACTLY adhere to the natural anatomy of your body. As a 5’2″ person, those huge ergonomic chairs sure don’t fit my petite frame. Switching out the chair periodically (every hour or half hour) is helpful. Every time you stand from sitting on a chair, you are exercising – you improve your core strength and you burn more calories. Who doesn’t want that?

Walk the hallways, walk the stairs

I used to work in a high-rise building in Asia and I would climb the stairs every morning (20 floors!) when I get to work. I’d also walk the hallway whenever I could. If you have bad knees, try doing a couple of floors to start (with good posture and gait) and keep doing that until you think you can do one more or a couple more. Everything counts and it adds up. Start walking a portion of the hallway. Soon, you’ll find yourself cruising it.

A simple knee raise

It is simpler than those fast high knees and much low impact. You can work your heart rate up by going faster. It is basically lifting your knees to waist height (try your best) while having your hands to your hips. You decide the number you want to attempt, be close to a wall or stable chair should you need more balance support.

Push off the wall

AKA, a simple push up. Stand facing the wall with arms wide at chest level. Take a few steps back, farther than arm’s length, feet shoulder-width apart. Have your arms straight in front of you, palms on the wall, shoulderlevel height and shoulderwidth apart, and with your fingers pointed toward the ceiling.

Bend your elbows and begin to lean your body toward the wall until your nose touches the wall. Ensure that your hips do not sag and that your body stays straight from the neck to the tailbone.

Work those shoulders

Shoulders are important muscles and having strong shoulders works wonders with the daily to-do lists. Stand with optimal posture and have your palms to the side of your body. Then raise the arms laterally to shoulder-height, with palms facing down. Drop the arms back to the side of your body and raise them to shoulder-height in front of you. You basically just perform a lateral raise and a front raise and building some strength in those shoulder muscles that tend to be weak, especially among us, women.

In closing

Our bodies are made to move so every move is dynamite in creating range of motion, flexibility and strength. These movements add up so do one or do all. Try them out and comment to let me know how it has helped you!

Live life well.

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